MEP-FLOW© Pump Selection

Pumps That Meet Your Needs

MEP-FLOW© is the selection and evaluation tool for MEPCO pump product lines. Users can choose to run the MEP-FLOW© software online over the internet or by downloading and running the software on their computers.

Based on a number of user inputs like motor criteria, differential heads, flow rates, and physical properties of fluids, MEP-FLOW© will select available pumps that fit the application specifications. From the list, users can then select the optimum pump and motor for their applications.

To help users with selecting the optimal pump speed, MEP-FLOW© will also display NPSHr, best efficiency point (BEP), design efficiency, and power and motor size. Specific performance curves are also viewable to help with comparisons and evaluations.

In summary, MEP-FLOW© allows users to evaluate multiple pump operations, calculate operating costs, and select the best pumps for the job.