The MEPCO repair cartridge kit with renewable seat allows in-line replacement without the need to remove the trap form the piping system.
MEPCO is your single source for ALL your thermostatic trap repair elements with over 800 makes and models available. Our one piece repair element reduces maintenance time and no special tools are needed.

In addition to our own complete line of F&T trap internal mechanisms and traps less body we have F&T repairs kits for most major manufacturers of F&T traps too.

If you need gaskets, nuts, nipples or handles we can meet your needs too. The MEPCO universal handle is superior to many original equipment handles.
We have a complete line of valve repair kits, valve less body, nut and nipple, as well as packing kits and parts.

Over 110 years ago C. A. Dunham invented the first commercially successful fluid filled radiator trap. Since that time, the present-day MEPCO has manufactured over 9 million traps. Today in thousands of installations from coast to coast our traps are providing dependable, low maintenance service so essential to steam and hydronic heating systems. Our complete line of genuine MEPCO Steam Specialty repair parts will keep those systems running smooth and cost effective for years to come so don’t be fooled by cheap imitations that don’t pipe properly, are less efficient and don’t last.