MEPCO’s complete line of centrifugal pumps are designed to handle a wide range of applications. Used where water or other general purpose liquids are to be circulated, such as in cooling towers, chilled or hot water circulation systems, drainage and many other institutional, commercial, and industrial applications. Available in three types including Closed Coupled, Base Mounted, and In-line . Maximum head attained up to 150 feet and up to 2,000 gallons per minute.
MEPCO’s Westco Regenerative Turbine Pumps have led the industry for 55 years with the ultimate in design features, efficiency, and durability. Ideally suited for applications where vaporous fluids are being handled at low flows and moderate to high pressures. Used for a wide range of services and applications due to its excellent suction characteristics, ability to handle entrained vapor/ gases, and high temperature capability without internal binding. The floating impeller automatically centers between liner rings, eliminating the guesswork of centering with adjusting nuts. The turbine pumps operates on steep H-G curves which allow the unit to deliver near constant flow regardless of changes in pressure requirements.

Hundreds of engineers and building owners specify Marshall Engineered Products. Now in our second century of engineering design and production, these quality products deliver the dependable, long-lasting, low maintenance service so essential to efficient steam optimization. Offering a complete line of Steam Traps that includes Thermostatic, Float & Thermostatic, Thermodynamic, and Inverted Bucket Steam Traps. Auxiliaries include Regulating Valves, Vacuum Breakers, Strainers, and Radiator Valves.
MEPCO offers a complete line of Hydronic Specialties that include Expansion Tanks, Converters, Air Separators, Pump Discharge Valves, Liquid Drainers, and Suction Diffusers.  See our Form 1583C.
MEPCO Thermostatic Radiator Valves maintain desired room temperatures room-by-room while reducing energy consumption by up to 20% when compared to manually operated valves. Our designs react quickly to changing temperatures and locks room temperatures within desired parameters. By doing this, free heat distribution is increased and energy is saved. MEPCO thermostatic radiator valves feature built-in or remote sensors, tamper-proof designs, temperature limitations, frost protection, and actuators designed to provide precise and energy-saving control of heat consumption. See our Form 1651A.
The MEPCO Series 50 Regulator is the leader in the Pressure and Temperature Regulators. It is one of the few regulators in the industry to offer three different ranges of ports for each connection size. The regulator is versatile and dependable over a wide range of conditions and applications.  See our Form 15806A.
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